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I would like to welcome everyone who enters this site.  I welcome and encourage you to state and leave your comments and views on issues that are important to you.
This site deals with current topics in government, politics, veterans’ issues or any issue that is important to all Americans.  All issues and views received are important.
The primary purpose of this site is to market my books.  Four books have been written and are available for purchase on Amazon.  The purpose of writing the books has been to bring to light issues that are important to the author.
The second purpose of this site is that it favors veterans and veteran issues.  It talks about veterans and veteran issues that impact the lives of our returning veterans.  Are you a veteran?  Do you have an issue that you would like to comment on?  Do you have a question concerning veteran issues, benefits, etc?  Go the Veterans’ sections and leave a message and we will do our best to answer you and, if possible, supply a solution.  If nothing else, we may be able to direct you to the proper information source.  As new information comes up, we will do our best to update the site with that information and stay as current as possible with information that impacts on your lives.  I welcome you to contribute any new information that involves veterans benefits that is not already in this site.  Please be as complete as possible with respect to names, telephone numbers, addresses, and any information that will allow easy access to those benefits.
I will make every attempt to answer your comments with my own stance on whatever issue is discussed.  I may not be in agreement with what you write, but it will be honest and you will have the opportunity to respond.
If you have any comments or suggestions that would result in making this site more accessible or appealing to the viewers, please leave your comments and  I will do everything possible to make the changes that make the site more complete or appealing to each visitor.
Once again, welcome.


  • This is a great start. For quite some time I had hoped for a website for all our patriotic voices and am glad that a competent person, such as Carlos, has taken this initiative. I expect many more good things to come, as a result.

    Nice work!

  • Hi Carlos,
    I’m a cousin of Barry wyatt’s. I wanted you to know, Obama brings thousands of Muslims into the country per month under refugees. That way they get free housing, free schooling, free Ins. And us Americans pay for it all. This info came from FBI, that is in Washington DC and they see first hand what is going on in this country.
    Thank you

    • Hi, Brenda:

      I know Barry quite well as I have been a friend of Barry and Ethel for some time now. Usually it is Ethel who comments and not Barry. I agree with your comment and have addressed this issue in my latest book entitled, “A Patriot’s Voice”. I also pose the question as to why any Muslim would want to come to a country they all consider to be, “The great Satan” It has to do with economics. Where they come from, they do not have many services or conveniences. They do not have free housing, free schooling, free education, or free money. When they get here, they have no intention of assimilating into our society. They have no intention of learning our language, our customs, our mores.

      That is why we have an invasion from the Southern border. People are starving in Mexico and Central America. They know that all it takes is to make it across the border and they have all of the free stuff they only dreamed about in their native country. This government spends upwards of 16 billion dollars a year giving illegal aliens the services for which they apply for for keeping thousands of them in our jails and prisons. When it comes to giving our veterans the services they need, services the poor people need, the government’s excuse is that there is not enough money. Welcome to America.

  • I opened your website and liked your introduction. It was honest and did not try to trick the reader with around the barn comments. I could not, however, open any of the sub headings in the website. I think it will be a good place to get information, mainly about veterans but also other topics of concern.

    • Byron, I have contacted my son-in-law and he said he will attempt to find out why you could not access the other portions of this site. I will get back to you when he has found the solution.

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