Mr. Zamorano is an author, playwright, educator, Labor Code Law  Professor and counselor.  He has written four books, a screenplay, a stage play and several children’s stories.  A brief description of the four books is given below.


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The Retired Military, Used Tissue

My first book, entitled, The Retired Military, Used Tissue,  deals with veterans’ issues and takes the government to task for not complying with the benefits promised for serving twenty or more years in the military.  In the early 50’s, every military recruitment poster boasted that if anyone enlisted and stayed twenty or more years in the military, he would have earned full medical benefits for life of the veteran and his spouse.  That benefit, although promised in writing,  was never given to veterans who served twenty or more years since back to WWII.  The Law of Contracts requires that both parties to the contract comply with the particulars of the document.  That is anyone but the government.  When one enters the military, he or she is required to abide by strict military protocol. The government operates by its own set of standards.





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God Bless America, Foundations for Greatness

In my second book, entitled, God Bless America, Foundation for Greatness,  I defend America and document its Christian foundational heritage and the abundance of God’s blessings this country has experienced and benefited from over the past two hundred plus years.  There has been language by the president that this country is no longer a Christian nation, however, he does not say when or how that change took place.  That is absolutely false as the documentation in the book proves that our original foundation was Christian- based, we certainly have been, are and will always be a Christian nation.






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A Patriot’s Voice

My third book, A Patriot’s Voice, deals with the reasons for the decline of this country over the past seven years and recommended solutions to bring the country back to its former greatness.  The president promised change and was elected on that promise.  What he did not promise was which direction he was taking the country.  Many promises have been made by the president and many have been broken or they were found not to have merit.  A weak, ineffective Congress has contributed to the decline.  The book documents a litany of reasons why we have declined as a world power over the past seven years.  We have gone from being a very strong and successful Capitalist country to a slippery slope of Socialism and we are still sliding.




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Illegal Migration, Assault on America’s Southern Border

Even before this country was called the United States of America, the issue of migration has existed. In hundreds of years, the needs of the people of Mexico and Central America have not changed-so, why is illegal migration still such a pressing issue? This book illuminates why the United States government is directly responsible for this situation, going all the way back to the Constitution. According to immigration attorneys, the very founding documents of our country give rights to illegal migrants-that once illegal migrants set foot on American soil, they have certain rights that prohibit authorities from deportation unless their case is heard before an immigration judge. But in reality, what has really occurred is a shocking need for hundreds of thousands of immigration judges to handle the backlog, which means that many people still enter this country without documents. Shouldn’t “rights” belong only to legal citizens of the United States? Shouldn’t our justice system be focused on protecting Americans rather than protecting illegal migrants? To learn what you really need to know about the challenges facing us today, this detailed and insightful book is an invaluable resource.


  • Thank you Mr. Zamorano, for your work on behalf of veterans. As a veteran yourself, you share powerful insights. Our country cannot stand on its own without the service of our veterans who have sacrificed so much in pledging allegiance to this nation and sacrificing the ultimate for us all. In researching for my historical novel LET THEIR SPIRITS DANCE, I was able to glimpse into the reality of war, and how, even after years have gone by, the effects of war remain in those who served and in their family members. I wish you continued success as a writer and as an artist who is touching many hearts! God Bless!

    • Hi, Stella:

      I would be interested in obtaining a copy of your book. Please let me know the publisher and I will purchase a copy. As a medic, I was able to work with combat veterans who suffered with PTSD. We have a large number of veterans who commit suicide every day because of the effects of PTSD. What people don’t seem to understand is that the psychological confinement caused by the memory of the horrors of combat is as strong or more so than physical barriers. Unfortunately, many combat veterans cannot free themselves of those psychological barriers. It takes professional help and many do not get it although they make appointments for treatment, but those appointments with the V.A. are given months to years away, too late for many who see no way out and take their lives. America suffers each and every loss and diminishes in honor, values, morals and ethics for allowing that to happen. I look forward to hearing from you again in the near future.

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