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There has been an ongoing fight between the Veterans Administration and several veterans groups over land that was deeded to the government for the express purpose of giving veterans a place to recuperate and live in comfort during the healing process once they have returned from battle.

The government gave the The Veterans Administration responsibility over this land and oversee the construction of buildings to house the returning veterans.  Instead, the Veterans Administration has leased the land to several organizations that have nothing to do with veterans and have put walls up that do not allow veterans’ access.  The total amount of land deeded was originally over six hundred acres.  It now stands around three hundred acres.

A judge ordered each of nine leases on this deeded land as illegal and ordered the tenants to vacate the property.  The Veterans Administration lawyers immediately submitted an appeal to the judge’s order.  That is where it stands now.  The illegal tenants are still there and the veterans are still on the outside looking in.

Below is information you can access to bring yourself up to date with respect to this issue.  It is one of the greatest land fraud deals perpretrated against veterans by the government.  The very government that holds the, moral, ethical and legal responsibility for taking care of veterans and their needs.  This goes back to the same purpose for writing of my first book.  The indignity and suffrage to veterans caused by this government is unparalleled in the history of this country.

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For the elected officials in government to side against the veterans in this issue is testimony to the fact they care more for their donor base than the veterans they have been elected to represent.

Another issue has been the treatment of all veterans by the Veterans Administration.  It has been revealed that several hundred to over a thousand veterans have died while waiting for medical treatment at V.A. clinics and hospitals.  It is said that veterans, after asking for an appointment,  have had a waiting period of one and up to one and one half years before they could be seen by a V.A. doctor.

What is your opinion on these issues?  Where do you stand on the treatment given to the veterans by our government?  Is it important to you?  Do you think we make too much of this issue?  Have you been personally affected with this issue?  If you are not a veteran, do you have a family member who is a veteran?  Does that veteran need any assistance?  Leave a reply and your comments will be answered.

I have just written a letter to Secretary McDonald of the V.A.  I have expressed my thoughts as honestly as I know how.  I do not know how Secretary McDonald will take this or if he will read it, but I had to write it.  Here is a copy:

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs August 8, 2015
810 Vermont Ave NW
Washington, DC 20420

ATTN: Secretary Robert A. McDonald

I just returned from visiting several areas where homeless veterans stay in the Los Angeles area. Some are on the streets; some under a freeway and others at bus stops. It is extremely frustrating to me as I am a Vietnam veteran and can identify with those veterans living on the streets.

I wonder where America’s priorities lie when I see these human souls struggling to survive in such sub-human conditions. This is America, not some third world country. How can we let this happen? How did we get to this point? I see people walking over these people while going to a show or to shop or to a night club. These are people who have the means by which to live their lives with some level of comfort and appear to be blind to the squalor as they go by. They see the veterans on the street as a blight that needs to be attended to but not by them.

Are we that hardened that we do not see the need to assist those of us who have returned from combat with injuries, both physical and mental? Can we not see the wheelchairs, the track chairs, the crutches,prosthesis; the lack of physical cleanliness? How can one see these sub-human living conditions and not cause one to reach out.

I did not enter the American military and go to combat to return to an ungrateful people in an ungrateful nation. I did not risk my life on a daily basis for politicians to treat me and my fellow veterans with such disdain, disregard and disrespect. It is a sad commentary that we have to fight for our earned benefits and once we get them, keep them without the government taking them away or reducing them.

There is no excuse for allowing our veterans to survive on the streets when there is land that has been deeded for them to recover from the effects of combat. That land is being abused by the Veterans Administration in that they have leased the land to non-veteran entities. In 1888, 600 acres were deeded in the West Los Angeles area for the express purpose of establishing and permanently maintaining a national home for disabled and homeless veterans. Those leases were deemed unlawful and ordered to vacate the
premises. The Veterans Administration lawyers immediately submitted an appeal to the judge’s order.

You, Mr. Secretary, have been complicit with the Veterans Administration in the deception of that deeded land in that it is in within your authority, ability and fiduciary responsibility to see that land be used for the purpose for which it was deeded. To date, you have not. Why not? Is there a valid reason for not having done so? Do you have higher priorities? More important ones than homeless veterans in need of housing?

I would strongly recommend you take stock of your priorities and, if you cannot justify your lack of action to date, that you consider resigning and allow someone else to assist our nation’s patriots.

Respectfully submitted,

Carlos Zamorano, TSgt, USAF, Ret.

I never received an answer to the above letter so I have written directly to the President of the United States.  This is the second letter I have written to the president.  The first letter was received by the president and he forwarded the letter to the Head of the V.A. in Los Angeles for a response.  The response was nothing more than a canned letter and did not address any of the concerns that I spoke about in my letter to the president.

I am now adding the new letter to the president for anyone to read, it reads as follows:

The White House                                                                                            November 11, 2019
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

To:  President of the United States, Donald J. Trump

Re:  Deed of 1887, Land deeded to the United States for the purpose of allowing the government to build housing on the land for returning veterans to have a place to recover from the effects of war.

Dear Mr. President:

I am writing to you once again concerning the above piece of land that has become the largest land grab by one arm of the United States Government, that being the Veterans’ Affairs Department.

The government accepted this deed and gave the responsibility to the Veterans Affairs Department to accomplish this major effort on behalf of our war torn returning veterans.

It has been around 140 years that this responsibility was given to that arm of the government.  To date, nothing has been done other than allow non-veteran, for-profit businesses to squat on that sacred land.  The only boast the Veterans Affairs Department can make during this 140 period is that it has become a very large landlord.

There is nothing in the deed that allows for that land to be used in this manner.  That abuse is directly responsible for the deaths of a large number of returning veterans who suffered from PTSD and other neurological, emotional and psychological injuries, many of which are not visible from the exterior of the individuals.  That abuse has occurred on the watch of many presidents before you and now that abuse is on your watch to resolve.

There has to be a time when someone in the Oval Office says, “Enough!” and proceeds to clean up and eradicate the gross recklessness, gross irresponsibility and malfeasance of a major arm of your government.  This delinquent, dishonored and disrespectful abuse toward our returning veterans is a disease that must be wiped form the face of this earth is doable and only you have the power to get it done.

It is beyond me to understand why someone, anyone in the government has not approached the Veterans Affairs Department secretaries over the past years and asked why this is taking so long?  Why has no one in authority taken this responsibility away from that arm of your government and given it to someone who will get the job done.  The very lives of our returning veterans depend on that housing so they have a place where they can adjust to civilian life and become readjusted into our society.  Many will need professional assistance in order to accomplish the adjustment.  Those who have taken their own lives because they had nowhere to go have already paid the price.  How much more price is there to pay before this contemptuous, flippant behavior toward our veterans is resolved?

There is no question that your plate is extremely full and there is not much space for anything else on it, but this is a matter of life or death, and you have the power to determine which one it will be.  Your speech this Veterans’ Day was excellent and welcome by all veterans who heard it.  Sadly, there is a segment of the veteran community that did not hear it because they do not have a television, no room, and no home….. they are homeless.

You have accomplished many great things since you have come into power and sat in the Oval Office, however, nothing you have done to date, as great as those things may be, will come close to the importance of quickly resolving this matter.  You have rebuilt the military by building more planes and equipment but you have not resolved the needs of those who keep the planes flying.  They are much more important than machines.  They are the ones who have sacrificed their time and many, their lives so that you can perform your duties in the comfort of that overstuffed chair in the Oval Office.  I ask that you respond in kind by addressing this issue once and for all and honoring their sacrifice; their health, family, home and some, their lives.

You will be honoring the deaths of those who have gone before us and save many more lives by completing the mandate of the Deed of 1887.  Do not let this issue stain your presidency and blur your vast accomplishments because you did not accomplish any more than the presidents before you concerning veteran homelessness.

If you need non-political people who can help you accomplish this mission, I can give you names of veterans who have continued to serve long after they have retired from active military duty.  Those are Francisco Juarez and Robert Rosebrock, both from the Los Angeles area, and Gene Simes, from New York.

Each, I am sure, would be willing to come to Washington and testify before Congress or directly to you concerning this issue with many suggestions that would resolve this issue very quickly as Mr. Juarez and his organization has developed a Veterans’ Master Plan that addresses the development of the deeded land.  I say this with confidence because I know them and have observed their stubborn, relentless concern and loving, giving heart for their fellow patriots. Each one is deserving of a medal for his tireless work on behalf of those who will never know of their continued service and dedication.  They are true patriots.

I will close now and say, God Bless you, Mr. President, for your dedication to your tasks and benevolence to your country.  You can be very proud of your accomplishments to date and wish you and your family well.

Respectfully yours,

Carlos Zamorano, TSgt, USAF, Retired
(562)  463-5754

Congressional Medal Of Honor Society

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