carlos_photo_sm Carlos Zamorano is a decorated Vietnam veteran.  He entered the United States Air Force in 1955 and was trained as a medic.  He, along with two hundred other airmen,  was sent to the Naval Hospital located in Balboa Park, San Diego for medical training.  Although in the Air Force, he graduated six months later as a Navy Corpsman.

During his military service, he traveled all over the world.  He spent five and a half years in Germany.  The first two years were at the American hospital in Wiesbaden.  A few years later, he was assigned to Bitburg AB,  where he flew as an Air Rescue Medic on HH-43B Helicopters.  Following that, he was assigned to fly with NASA in its Extreme High Altitude Program.  It was during this time that he received orders to Vietnam.  Because he was on flying status, he was required to attend jungle survival training prior to arriving in the country of Vietnam.  He attended the jungle survival school located at Clark AB, Philippines.  Once he completed that training, he arrived to Cam Rahn Bay, Republic of Vietnam.  He was assigned to the 903rd Aeromedical Evacuation Group as a medical technician.  He flew a total of 230 combat missions during his time in Vietnam.  For that amount of flying in a combat zone, before leaving Vietnam, he was awarded the Air Medal.

Mr. Zamorano, after serving twenty years on active duty, was honorably retired in 1975.  Once he retired from the military, he found that he would not be receiving the promised benefits for staying and serving twenty or more years.  That caused him to write his first book.  In that book, he took the government to task for breach of contract.  After twenty-year veterans were promised full medical which embraces outpatient, inpatient, dental and vision as well as prescription drugs.  All veterans received medical services but with co-pays for medical appointments as well as co-pays for drugs,  There were no provisions for dental and vision services unless they were given at a military clinic or hospital.  When there were no military clinics or hospitals available, all veterans have had to pay out of pocket the full value for dental or vision services.  On top of that, military retirees and their spouses each must pay a little over one hundred dollars a month for Medicare Part B.  The veterans took the government to court and lost at the Supreme Court level.  The Chief Justice stated that he could not rule in favor of the veterans as the court does not have any authority over Congress.  According to the Constitution, Congress is the only entity in government that is responsible for spending federal funds.  As a result, the court does not have any authority to order Congress to pay anything unless Congress alone favored that spending.

Approximately six months before retiring, he challenged the California Licensed Vocational Nurse exam.  He asked to challenge the RN exam but was informed that only those who are graduates from an accredited RN program are eligible to take that exam.  He took the LVN exam and passed it, making him an instant nurse.  He went to work as an emergency room nurse upon his retirement.  While in the military, a medic is allowed to give injections, debried and suture wounds, remove cysts and/or hemorrhoids, and many other medically-related procedures.  There are instances where a medic is sent to an isolated duty station in countries around the world and he is the only medical staff on site.  On those occasions, the medic holds sick call, dispenses medicine, performs minor surgery and, if necessary, will evacuate someone to a facility where there is a doctor to treat a condition outside the medic’s ability.  On the outside, LVN’s are only allowed to take vital signs and set patients up for the doctor to see the patient.  Because of the limited authority they allow LVN’s, He attended Pacific Western University and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration.  He then went to work as an administrator for an HMO.  While in that position, he was awarded the honor of, “Administrator of the Year” over sixteen other administrators in the company.  After five years in that position, the company merged and he decided to follow his desire to start his own business.

He attended UC Irvine and then started his own business dealing with industrially injured workers.  In order to qualify himself for this position, he sat for an eight hour test to receive a national certification with the title of, “Certified Disability Management Specialist”.  That along with his California LVN license; his certificate of Workers Compensation from UC Irvine, he applied to insurance companies for referrals of industrially injured workers.   During that same time, he started teaching two classes.  The first was Labor Code Law, specifically California Labor Code Section 139.5.;  and second, Interpretation of Medical Reports.  He closed his business in 2003 following 25 years of successfully returning industrially injured workers to active employment.  He continued teaching for a total of nineteen years before completely retiring. Once completely retired, he wrote two more books and one stage play while attending Rio Hondo college. Mr. Zamorano speaks English, Spanish and German.  He had been married for 58 years and has two children, five grandchildren, one great grandson, Beau and two great granddaughters, Scarlett and Madilynn and one on the way.  His wife passed away on February 13th, 2019 from Parkinson’s Disease.  Carlos can be contacted through this website.


  • Was very impressed with all you have accomplished in your life. You should be very proud of yourself. I think your website is of great service to our men and women in the military. I am looking forward to checking out your books . Feel free to e mail at any time .

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      Good to hear from you. I stopped going to the gambling site as they did not allow me to collect the coins as I never purchased any. I don’t have your e-mail address anymore. If you would be so kind as to e-mail me.

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